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  • Death Row Pest Management Services

We can provide extermination services so that your home or business can be yours again. Whether you need us for rodent removal, termite control, bed bug removal, or other pest control services, we'll be there. Some of the other pests that we can deal with include ants, wasps, roaches, squirrels, mosquitoes, mice, centipedes, fleas, spiders, pigeons, carpet beetles, flies, crickets, and silverfish. Pest control is easily combated when caught early, and often require professional exterminator services to fully eradicate the pests and stop them from coming back. As your Los Angeles pest control company, we know how to handle a great number of pests. Give us a call the second you become aware of your pest control needs and we'll be there in no time to take care of the problem.

Our Services

Here at Death Row, we specialize in taking out termites, ripping out rodents, and beating up bedbugs. We help you take your home back from these invaders so you get your peace and comfort. We'll repair related issues as well, including wood repair, so they don't come back

Termite Control

We specialize in high quality inspections and high quality options, including proper application of bora care for a non moveout option

Rodent Control

We specialize in high quality inspections and high quality options, including trapping, exclusion and monitoring.

Bedbug Removal

Our sleek quality work and synergized effect of our team's creative mind have paved the way for offering innovative services to our clients.

General Pest Control

We can of course knock out a few of the usual suspects as well. Ants, spiders, roaches and more are included.